(Rayon Sports v Gasogi FC) | PNL Matchday

1 year ago
27 60 Abarebye
  • Bisangize Abandi :

Welcome to the highly anticipated match between Rayon Sports and Gasogi FC, brought to you by Zillionizer Ltd!

The two teams are ready to take the pitch and give their all in this exciting matchup. Rayon Sports, led by their star striker Willy Onana, will be looking to continue their strong start to the season with a victory over Gasogi FC. Rayon sports fc, will be eager to bounce back from their recent defeat and get back to their winning ways. Both teams have talented rosters and are known for their attacking style of play, so fans can expect an exciting match with plenty of goals. The game will be held at the regianal stadium and with a capacity of over 4,000, it is sure to be a packed house. Make sure to tune in to this exciting match, brought to you by Zillionizer Ltd!
    zecedu •   1 year ago

    None se nibi mutangiye match itaranatangira kweli

    Nmaxime •   1 year ago


    hutevu •   1 year ago

    Ko bi loading ngusa bimeze gute

    hutevu •   1 year ago

    Arikose dukoresha amafara twaguze match na MGB

    hutevu •   1 year ago

    Birasaba MBG komutatubwi kombona byanze

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